Yanni B. Jay | About
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Meet the author: Yanni B. Jay

Hey I’m Ayanna. Most people call me Yanni. I’m a 23 year old from Akron, OH. I am, however, currently stationed in Fort Riley, KS. Yes… I am stuck here. My husband is in the army so I basically follow him all around the country and you know, that doesn’t make it easy for a girl to work a regular 9-5! So here I am. I decided to put all of my free time into something I’m very passionate about: inspiring a few people along the way while getting my thoughts out on paper and most recently through the airwaves on my podcast! Hopefully, what I want you to get from anything present by me is love, courage, peace, and hope which are all things I have DESPERATELY needed at precious moments of my life. I just believe everyone has a story and all of our stories are much more similar than we give each other credit for! So why not let the real me all out! What can it hurt? I don’t know, lets find out and see. 🙂 You ready?

Excuse Me, I’m A Bit Intoxicated

Excuse Me, I’m A Bit Intoxicated is my blog that I started last year. I lost inspiration and I felt the need to revamp it and give it real style!!! Now everyone asks me “Yanni, why’d you pick “Excuse me, I’m a bit intoxicated”? They think I’m at home getting drunk on purpose to write blogs and do podcasts. THAT IS NOT THE CASE! Merriam- Webster defines intoxication as “An abnormal state that is essentially poisoning.” Dang… nothing about alcohol. Now everyone knows about that type of intoxication. That would only defines the state that you’re in and it’s never specified a source so what about the others? What about just being human going through this crazy thing called life? You’ve never felt stuck in a state where you felt poisoned by your surroundings, your thoughts, anything? Well, I know I have. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they didn’t know that they actually released sin and intoxication into the world forever. God sent his only son to help clean us up but of course, we will always fall short. I am here to tell you first: I am a bit intoxicated. I’m flawed, I don’t always know the “politically correct” way of doing things. However, my love for Christ will always shine through my mess. Being a teenager/young adult, especially in the Christian faith, we can easily forget we ARE human. So I’m bringing it back down into something I know we can all understand. I know it won’t always be perfect but hey, that’s just me. Yanni B. Jay. Catch NEW blog entries every month and check out my YouTube Channel every other Tuesday for new videos!

Journey To Self Discovery

Everyone has a journey to find themselves. Everyone has that defining moment that makes them realize what their purpose is. I started this podcast to tell my story. Every since I can remember, I’ve always had this big question on my life. Where I come from, who I really am, what I’m supposed to be in this life, etc. and I didn’t even know where to begin this journey. I just recently had a lot of big moments happen in my life and I wanted to share them in a more personal way and also as an addition to my blog. What better way than to do a podcast! This is how I stumbled upon Journey to Self Discovery with Yanni B. Jay. You’ll learn my story, my journey thus far, and also you’ll hopefully be able to take some gems with you on the way! “Journey to Self Discovery with Yanni B. Jay” has new episodes every Thursday!