Yanni B. Jay | Protecting Your Peace- Pt. 1
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Protecting Your Peace- Pt. 1

I have one friend that I always talk about life with. Like everything from jobs, other relationships, etc. One common thing we always come to is why we let the people that hurt us most in our lives stay around probably longer than we should. It’s a common thing that a lot of us do… why is that? Why do we constantly watch people show us who they are but we just can’t seem to believe that as the truth. I can only speak from experience in this subject. I’m known as the girl with the big heart! I’m the one that people call on when they need a hand. I sometimes feel like I literally walk around with Bill Withers sitting on the top of my head singing and everyone can hear him but me! Either way, I always make myself available to help when I can. Often people take my kindness for weakness and run me dry with their requests and then I can’t even get an invite out to dinner. My feelings constantly get hurt but I never change my approach. I get told Day in and day out “Treat people the way they treat you.” “Get Over on people like they do to you.” “if you only hear from people when they need something, stop answering.” Basically, start being cold hearted to people who are cold hearted to me.

So why haven’t I done it yet?

If I put it in simple cliche terms… I was always taught to treat others how I wanna be treated, and of course two wrongs NEVER make a right. Looking at it more in depth, when Jesus was getting ridiculed, he never “got even” with people or tried to punish people for doing him wrong. The Lord said HE would make our enemies our footstool (Luke 20:43) and last time I checked, God doesn’t need any help. Now of course, I’m not comparing myself to Jesus, but aren’t we supposed to yearn to have a heart like the Jesus. Well, I wanna be as close as possible. Now does that mean I’m going to turn a blind eye to everything… absolutely not. I’m just gonna do what I’m supposed to do by being a good friend, wife, daughter, sister and every other title I’m getting in my life later on. Most won’t appreciate it. Everyone won’t understand it. I mean hey, that isn’t for other people to understand. If I can give any advice let me say: Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing what makes you happy. Now everything has its pros and cons, but nothing is worth giving up because a few people take advantage. Helping people makes me happy and that’s alright with me.

Now please hear me when I say: THIS DOES NOT ME YOU IGNORE YOUR SELF-CARE! I am a big advocate for self care in 2018. Everything you do should not drain you. If you feel yourself being drained and your not seeing anything getting poured back into you, then you need to take a step back and make sure your feeding your soul so you can continuously put out your best. If you find that certain things, or people, are consistently causing more harm than good, maybe that thing or person should not in your space. It is okay to tell people “you’re just not good for me right now.” Shoot, I’ve had someone basically use that line on me. I’ve also had to use it on other people. It’s hard to hear but its necessary in growth and your heart will thank you later. I say all of this to say: Just protect your peace. Protect your space. Protect your heart… Always.

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